Advice for our newbies

Posted: November 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
Hi guys,
We have some students who weren’t with us during the first term. Any advice? Anything they should know? What are some things you could teach them about what you already know about Middle Eastern History?
  1. hussam yaseen says:

    the big idea that they have to know is nationalism. To me, nationalism was the answer for all the questions i had about things happening in the middle east. Syria is a big example. Even in jordan, nationalism plays a big role, Palestinians vs. Jordanians in Jordan shows how much nationalism plays a big role in conflicts. Tribes are also based on nationalism. My advice to the new students in this class is pay attention to class and to be engaged in discussion because it is interesting.

  2. larissaag says:

    My advice to new students are the following:
    1- Be very open minded about everything, including certain core beliefs.
    2- Know that you might get hurt, in terms of the pride of nationality, tribe, or even religion.
    3- Be prepared to have your mind changed about things that you thought you’re 100% right about.
    4- Knowledge is power, thus even the most disturbing of information you might be exposed to can aid you further on.

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