So, now that you’re here…..tell us what you think

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Polls
  1. tank473 says:

    I did the poll

  2. halimaaliyu says:

    The blog will be very useful because it is away for us to get our ideas out in the open even if we are often reserved. It is a way for everyone to be able to have their voices heard without time being a factor to play into what someone has to say and how often a person can speak. I think the blog could be a good part of the course

  3. Jennifer Bryan says:

    This blog is useful. I am able to read so many different perspectives that people haven’t shared in class. I am also able to read comments from the other class, and see what they are thinking. It broadens they way we are learning about each topic, as well as allows us to explore things like the US and Syria, which we haven’t really discussed in class.

  4. Ghadeer Tayliakh says:

    I think that the Blog is very Useful because using this blog allows us to explain and write what is in our mind and share it with other people. For this Blog we say our opinion and others may or may not response to what we think. They may Agree and they may not and that could be according to what they think about that topic. I think that the this blog as if there is something we could not say in class and we really want to share it we can share it here to show our opinion. So, i think that this blog is Useful in a way that we can share our ideas.

  5. The blog could be helpful, if used to share our thoughts and beliefs with other students about the occurrences in history of the region, their causes and their effects. It could further be helpful if we “deal with” the matters shared, through our discussions.
    In other words, if the blog serves its purpose it will be helpful. If it is used for purposes other than indicated, then it can cause calculable damage to students’ intellect and their perceptions of the topic and each other.

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