The Denshawai Incident

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Is this an accurate portrayal of what happened? How is nationalism rooted in the such incidents? Is Nationalism served by the manipulation of historical events? Does it matter?


  1. salehqadi says:

    I think this video is a two sided road thing. The first way to look at it is that Egyptians are just exaggerating in their description of the incident. We did not talk about an Egyptian woman getting killed by a British soldier, nor British soldiers getting attacked and injured by Egyptians in the village. In this video, they have shown that there was more to it than a British soldier dying ONLY of a heat stroke. Another thing is the guy the British killed, when they put him in that thing where they just started ‘grinding’ him until he died. That’s another way of getting the ’emotions’ of the people watching this. The other way to look at the video is the complete opposite of the first. I believe It’s a possibility that the people who wrote the script actually went to the village and talked to the old people there who remember what happened -or just know from what their parents had told them about it- which may have more accurate information of the incidence than what we know about it. It’s controversial…!

  2. yasminemalas says:

    Yeah, I do believe what is demonstrated in this video accurately depicted the Denshawai incident, such as the killing of the domesticated pigeons (the whole point) and also the accidental shot at the wife of one of the villagers whose pigeons were also shot at. The anger that rose from the villagers is also quite accurate and such a rise in anger is strong enough to bring a sense of nationalism to those people. It was the amount of rage that was instilled within every one of those villagers that gave them the ability to think in such a nationalized point of view. It got them to think things such as “WHO DO THESE BRITISH OFFICERS THINK THEY ARE?” or “We will no longer stand for the occupation of the British now”. And all of a sudden it goes from living under occupation of the British with no problems to not even being able to tolerate anyone other than their own people of Egypt.

    It was at this moment that the British no longer occupied Egypt in hopes of protection, but rather what looked like to the Egyptians, a means of going against them. This was threatening to the Egyptians, and nothing but nationalism is destined to rise from such a tragedy.

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