Coming Soon: The Battle of Algiers

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Videos to Watch
  1. Kareem Kort says:

    Why do we barely ever learn about North African Arabian countries, although they played a huge role in the late 1800’s and in the 1900’s ?

  2. Hani Dekaidek says:

    This movie is actually pretty good so far. Its documentary-like feel helps us visualize how life differed between the Algerians in the French in Algeria. Although the sound mixing and special effects might not be up to par, I’m still impressed with the film. I thought it was going to be a bunch of crappy battle scenes with an American advertising voice narrating everything. The movie is especially good with invoking emotions of sympathy for the Algerians.

  3. Hassan Boqaei says:

    I was reading an article about this movie as I find an interesting idea that is worth sharing here, and it shows how history is always repeating itself. So now I see how understanding the history of the Middle East can help in solving many problems today, as it is said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    “If one changes the words ‘settlers’ and ‘colonists’ to ‘American occupiers’ and ‘Algeria’ to ‘Iraq,’ this is not a bad assessment of where the U.S. now finds itself — or may soon find itself. Watching current TV news footage coming out of Iraq — say, of American soldiers patting down Iraqi men at check-points (and putting hoods and plastic handcuffs on some of them) or ransacking private homes — one cannot help but wince at the racial and religious hatreds being sown right before our eyes.”

  4. Mr. L says:

    YESSSSS!!!! Great Comment Hassan!!! That’s exactly what we’re looking for

  5. Hassan Boqaei says:

    I agree with Kareem, we are barely know anything about North African countries. We can see that this region has been actually removed from our Arab history. If we become ignorant of what have happened through the North African region during the past 200 years, then we are also ignorant of our Arab history. This can be harmful for Arab Nationalism, as there were a lot of figures throughout this North African history who fought against colonial powers to establish Arab Nationalism and to secured freedom for the Arab people.

    One of these leading figures in the North African region was Abdelkader El Djezairi. Very little is known in the Arab world about one of the greatest warriors in the Algerian history. He was an Emir and a military leader who fought against the French in their colonial invasion. His fight against the french did not just include Algeria, but also in Syria and Lebanon were he saved the lives of thousands of Christians in a conflict between the Druze and Maronites. For that, he was awarded the sword of honor by Abraham Lincoln.

    For those who did not know him, here is a song written in his honor by Cheb Khaled.

  6. Rya Inman says:

    I agree that it’s surprising how little we learn about African and North African history. In a place like Algeria at this time, the events that took place had significant implications both for Algeria itself, occupying France, and the rest of the world (especially in regards to colonialism). They mirrored so much of what was happening or going to happen in a number of other countries under colonial rule, as well as what happens today in countries like Iraq, as Hassan said, with smaller countries still within the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth, and even with Palestine and Israel.

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